Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-17-21

Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-17-21

Keve Bybee –

Why start to get back on protection after we just had earnings?

  • Because we are coming to a cyclical period at the beginning of fall when our market likes to have a correction
  • Earnings were good, but the market doesn’t seem impressed

What may cause our markets to fall?

  • Delta variant continuing to be a worry of shutting back down again to some degree
  • War – China putting ships by Taiwan
  • Fed “tapering” bond buying
  • More economic news that isn’t positive

BA –

  • Protection on at 225 as it passed the 200 DMA


  • 160 puts on to protect for a “taper tantrum”

F –

  • Puts on at 13
  • My trade suggestion is $13 strike Protective Puts on F out to October monthly expiration to protect shares

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