Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-19-2021

Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-19-2021

OK let’s talk about our market today:

William just said volatile ????= VIX is at 24 right now and was as high as 37.51 the beginning of the year

Abraham – Nobody know where the markets will go

Our Monetary EASY cash crisis means everything that we expect to happen won’t happen  

We might see our gains/profits this year until Nov/Dec

I’m not worried about our individual positions EVEN though we are in all the dogs of the S&P this year

Just because the market is hard on a UP year of 19% doesn’t mean you throw away your discipline

Risk free stays risk free

You wait for the probability movements and don’t try to outguess the market = we don’t catch tops and bottoms

We protect even IF the markets are sideways

You STAY rational longer than the markets will act irrational

The hardest thing to do in trading is be patient

IF I am completely flat out wrong and my numbers lied to me, we can still make a ton of money on a stock/company that is going out of business = Add insurance or long puts as the company breaks support levels – 2008 learning experience

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