Trade Findings and Adjustments 03-02-2023

Trade Findings and Adjustments 03-02-23

Kevin Hurley –


Today I want to talk about expectations when investing:

Before you invest you should have some type of Due Diligence (background check)

How much time do you have for the positions to become profitable


Fundamentals:  Fear, Interest Rate Hikes, Earnings, China Opening, Hopeium that the back half of the year is more

profitable because interest rate hike will stop for a period of time


What is HI doing? Collar trade, Stock ownership with a long put to act as insurance on the stock

This in the chicken way to be in the market

We still have unlimited upside potential and we have don’t to zero protection on stock

But take a loss on the cost of the protection when stocks move to the upside


Why don’t we go to cash?  BECAUSE what if they and YOU are wrong


What IS the next catalyst?

  • The next interest rate hike being 0%


So what if stocks keep falling down again?!

  • Enjoy another opportunity to buy more shares again
  • Protection has been on since earnings!

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