Trade Findings and Adjustments 4-14-2020

Trade Findings and Adjustments 4-14-2020



What makes this a “V” recovery?

  • Continuing to plateau on covid19 cases
  • Vaccine? A year out before we get a final vaccine
  • Economy coming back online
  • Less than awful earnings season


What makes this a “W” recovery?

  • Cases not truly plateauing
  • Restarting economy keeps getting delayed
  • Earnings season
  • Maybe even 3rd and 4th quarter earnings will be more important to investors as we see how companies weather the current storm


Spread trading?

  • How have yours done?
  • Calendar trades gone well
  • Naked short puts (far out of the money)


Leaps are your best friend. Leap long calls (Call Option contracts that go out a year or more to expiration). Think of it as stock replacement.


Headline trading?

BA?!?! WHY?

  • New cancelations of 737 max making total cancelations around 300!!
  • Why are we investing in stocks in the first place?
  • 300ish cancelations out of how many orders? Answer: 4000
  • Not significant especially from no name airlines that are going bankrupt


What makes a smart investor?

  • One who does their homework on the COMPANY and knows how to properly weigh the news with actual fundamental numbers.


Keve Bybee


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