Trade Findings and Adjustments 04-16-2020

Trade Findings and Adjustments 04-16-2020

There appears to be no forgiveness on missing earnings .

When the market goes through an earthquake you have some choices to make

So today I want to talk about survival in life and relate it to the stock market.

Not everyone is experienced in making life or death decisions and the market is never that vital.

Remember, the only easy day was yesterday so relax a bit.

Embrace the suck !!!

Quitting isn’t an option !!!!

Some of us have confronted death numerous times and kicked its ass

It’s a process bottoming, the market is full of cycles

Sometimes when death comes you are so beaten down that you have two choices left

Do you choose to live or die?

AT Hurley Investments we choose to live by collar trading

At this point in life military training or clichés can help you succeed

Find what you need to find success!!!!

Losing is not an option!!!

Losing is an option, for a period of time , in the stock market

Little successes will add up to a big win

Anything made up on the way down is a profit on the way back up

What do you need to succeed IS WHAT YOU DO in the process of a bottoming bear market and in life?          

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