Trade Findings and Adjustments 2-18-20

Trade Findings and Adjustments 2-18-20

BE CAREFUL when it come to all the BULLSHIT out there for advisories or trading education. 

How do you know if it is real? = You see a real account when they tech/give you a trade

You read the disclosure and see if it accurately describes their advertising/comments


When you see a 600% return from Andy Crowder I question how he got there because

All that was on the advertise email was an excel spreadsheet

Why would you put every dollar into the trade even your profits = Gambling


When it sounds to good to be true that’s because it is BS!!!!!!


GE Jan 21 15/20 Bull Call


AAPL Feb – 28-20 Bull Call 320/325

Took Half off and leaving the rest for a $4.50 Limit Credit order to exit the trade              

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