Trade Findings and Adjustments 10-31-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 10-31-2019



What’s happening in our markets to 10/31/2019

 Chicago PMI is down today from already contraction numbers ?  How important is the Chicago PMI or is it just a talking heads, don’t know a damn thing, TV point?

Trump to back out of trade deal even though China backed out last time

If today is the last day of the month what is happing with funds or trillions of dollars ?

   Rebalancing, taking of profits, churning, selling

So then what should happen tomorrow?= Buying back in

Why didn’t you tell me to get out? – Teach a man to fish and he feeds himself always, give him a fish and he turns into a major pain in the ass!!!!

AAPL Jan 20 250/265 Bull Call

Safe Option Strategies Jeffry Dunyon Nov 8 245/247.50 Bull Call


FB Leap Long Calls Jun 20 230 Long Calls

FB Jun 20 200 Long Call




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