Trade Findings and Adjustments 09-22-2022

Trade Findings and Adjustments 09-22-22

Keve Bybee –

  • This year has been about following the trend, gauging the market’s sentiment, and not getting caught trying to outguess the market.
  • SPY put spread looks amazing!

How has our thought process changed from earlier in the year?

  • End of last year and beginning of this year the FED seemed like they were still thinking that inflation was transitory
  • The market was still confused about what direction made sense, and that made it difficult to find the correct direction to follow.
  • Now the FED is more “hawkish” or more aggressive in raising rates until something changes with inflation.
  • The tune of the market has been about the inflation numbers, interest rate hikes, consumer spending, and employment numbers.
  • Technical indicators have been more reliable than earlier.
  • Being nimble with protection

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