Trade Findings and Adjustments 04-04-2019

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Trade Findings and Adjustments 04-04-2019

What was I thinking ? = Letting things run until the China deal is announced than then I’m going to take profits and protect

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Let’s start with a Golf Analogy – There are 9 different ways to skin a cat

How much risk are you willing to take for the desired expected/hoped for results

Can your risk tolerance handle the timeframe it takes to be right!!!

Trades end two ways – For a loss, a breakeven or a profit = 33% or one out of three chance of making money

V – Yesterday I rolled short calls on stock ownership up to Sept 170 Strike

BTO Shares of V and add a (STO) Sept short call for $4.10-25 credit

Right now going out to Jan 20, Jun 20, Jan 2021 160 Leap Long Call should be an excellent long term investment.  Start with 3 so you can dollar cost average twice

BA – News that they were moving forward with a software fix with NASA’s help

Some who placed a trade shorter term – APRIL exited with a 10% loss yesterday and some win April that were ATM 375/380, 380, 390 took a 20-23% profit

Start playing the ranges 30-26.50 and an August run up


LEAP Jun 2020 $200 Strike long calls


JAN 2020, 2021 $35 Leap long calls


Sept 180/200 Bull call for right now $8.30 and I paid $7.95

It got wrapped up in the China mess and can overnight bounce up to the 200 SMA


BTO stock positions and finally an Analyst (GS) agrees that the should trade at $142 – PE Future you can come up with $151-156 maybe 158 and that’s counting current valuation’s not a NFLX type valuation

IF you’ve had a good run be ready to protect those profits after the event occurs                     

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