Trade Findings and Adjustments 02-05-2019 DISNEY Bull Put

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Trade Findings or Adjustments

Value of a dollar

$1.00 + 50% = $1.50

$1.50 on yr 2 loses 50% = $0.75

$.75 on yr 3 makes 50% = $1.13

$1.13 on yr 4 loses 50% = $.57

After 4 years you are down 43% on a return that averages 0% growth over that time period

ANY trade you look at to place or adjust you MUST work out the risk in the trade !!!!

$8538/27468= 31% ROI Annualize 31%* 12 months = 373% Annualized return

MY trade is post earnings trade on DIS

DIS had great earnings, currently bullish and lost $2.00 in after market gains due to the guidance Q&A session after their earnings

Really Like the $1.00 Credit for $2000 of risk

One reward = $1000 for $2000 of risk or 2 risks

So it is a 8 trading day 10 day total days in the trade

I would be fine exiting with a $500 to $700 profit on Friday or Monday morning

$112.03 is my break even point where at Expiration I would be flat minus commissions

To be safe I will probably place this trade after the first hour

Why? To allow the e-minis to clear out and to allow the market to accept a direction oon both DIS and the indexes

Adjustment Expectation – After filled set a stop loss at $500 or $0.50 a contract

I also could take assignment as an adjustment strategy

Assignment of the short put would mean a 112K to fulfill the short put obligation

IF you are willing to take assignment you close the long put on Friday monthly expiration for any premium left in the position!!!!

A third adjustment would be to add an additional longer term long put

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