Trade Findings and Adjustments 02-22-24

Trade Findings and Adjustments 02-22-24

Keve Bybee –


  • NVDA Earnings pushing the market to all time highs.
  • Magic 7 stocks up big pushing the market with NVDA
  • AMD, MU and semiconductors up with NVDA
  • META, MSFT, AMZN up big too? Why? They’re USING NVDA products and services.


NVDA Calls?

  • Will be ridiculously expensive from Volatility, but also because the stock is so highly priced.
  • Not worth owning the stock
  • Maybe not the best stock to look to trade stock or options


AMD, MU Calls?

  • Great way to follow the NVDA trend at a much cheaper price
  • AMD Look at maybe 185 Bull Call out 2-3 months or wait to confirm that it gets above 185 resistance level
  • MU look at Leap Call out to Jan or June 2025


What could throw a damper on the market?

  • TAX selling in March and April coming up
  • March usually a bad month in the market


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