Trade Findings and Adjustments 11-30-2023

Trade Findings and Adjustments 11-30-2023

Good Morning!!!

Tell me about today?= Last day of the month = REBALANCING of funds, Running into index overbought resistance, have a four week winning streak in the market, several bell-weather stocks also overbought,

We have technical and historical uncertainty = Technically overbought and should head bearish, Dec 13th FOMC Meeting, Christmas Rally, Technically speaking we have run too far too fast because the S&P 500 is more than one standard deviation from the 50 day SMA


Trades should be NON-Directional

Strangle/Straddles, Collar, Protective Puts, Poor man’s collar, calendars


Some of you mentioned that you want to do more spread trading

Primarily HI with the good graces of the SEC collar trades, BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t follow the option part of our strategy


We added Jan monthly long puts to DIS OTM $90, Meta $330, BIDU $118, MU $75, BAC $29,

Planning to add $190 AAPL, 130 GOOGL, UAA $8


IWM – Russel 2000 firast quarter historical pop !!!


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