Trade Findings and Adjustments 04-18-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 04-18-2019

Happy Easter Weekend

I spoke of doing a Protective Put strategy on FCX

BUT if the stock starts to take off should you add a bearish position to a bullish stock?

I got into the stock and sold for a $0.50 profit on 300 shares for a one day return of 3.54% ROI

Let’s talk about the market being closed tomorrow for Good Friday and we want to find something to place a trade on over a three day/time decay weekend

AAPL 04/30 AMC

AMD  04/24

AOBC  06/19

ATVI  05/02 AMC

BA       04/24 BMO

BAC    04/16 BMO

BIDU  04/25

CVS   05/01 BMO

DEA  05/07

DIS    05/08  AMC

F        04/25  AMC

FB     04/24  AMC

FCX  04/25  BMO

IBKR  04/16  AMC

INTC  04/25  AMC

ISRG  04/18  AMC

LULU  05/30

MO     04/25 BMO

MRO  05/01  AMC

MU     06/19

NFLX   04/16  AMC

NVDA  05/16 AMC

RHT    06/20

SLB   04/18  BMO

TGT   05/22 BMO

UAA  05/02

V        04/24 AMC

ZION  04/22 AMC

TWTR Bull Put Weekly for time decay and a Monday pre-earnings pop                     

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