Trade Findings and Adjustments 5-5-2020

Trade Findings and Adjustments 5-5-2020

Keve Bybee –

Market Thoughts?

  • Indexes going up
  • Earnings mixed but mostly awful
  • Economic numbers awful

What’s Next for the Market?

  • Does it continue up based on stimulus?


Lets look at DIS

  • Movies pushed back
  • Parks opening in Shanghai and pushed back for everywhere else
  • So what happens to that lost revenue? Is stimulus going to replace it?


Trades to look at:


TGT Covered Call

112 per share with 112 May monthly Short Call for ~$2.35 of credit


FB look at Leap Call

Jan 2022 $250 Strike Calls

  • Leave room to leg into a contract if it tests the 200 Day Moving Average
  • And also leave room to Dollar Cost Average if they lose half their value              

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