Trade Findings and Adjustments 12-03-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 12-03-2019


Let’s turn today into a commentary on what to do in a situation like today

Please feel free to ask questions and be ready to learn


Comments from  Trump that said he might wait until after the election to sign a China deal and it has to be a good deal

SO is the China deal baked into the market = obviously not which means when we do get something we have at least 3-5% upside

We had Trump meeting with France over “digital taxes” and we imposed new tariffs on Brazil and Argentina


So you wake up and what do you do? Look for support levels

So WHY NOT?  – the price and volatility

Stop losses triggered people out at the lows today and long puts were/are way to expensive

 What is this extra $3 in today’s price jump? Volatility or VolaKILLity


What if we don’t have a Christmas Rally? We Protect

Next up day in the market we add protection              

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