Trade Findings and Adjustments 11-18-2021

Trade Findings and Adjustments 11-18-2021

But after Monday or Tuesday next week the volume shrinks and we just enjoy the holidays

Investing is like fishing

You can catch a really big fish, good days and some bad days

We do the research like on BIDU ?  We saw BIDU could and should meet the majority of their matrix numbers  

BUT earnings also has a guidance number and Robin LI blew it = Conference call to verify future earnings growth numbers

BUT if the regulators continue their childish oversight Tech will be constrained the next two quarters

BIDU is falling and because of my research I believe it is a “buying opportunity”

Buying opportunities= analysts that blew it on their earnings call 

The problem is that the market hasn’t caught up to our research and we look bad this year = Nothing has moved of significant core holding

We keep lowering cost basis, adding shares when we can have them paid for with the insurance and we will wait until the market catches up without taking the big drops in our stock positions. 

Leap Bull Call at 160/200 strike price

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