Trade Findings and Adjustments 11-12-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 11-12-2019


Patience and Perseverance


Patience is the key!!! WHY?

Because you can’t control the market so you have to wait until your well studied, fundamentally checked thesis comes to pass


For some trades/investments I have waited for years !!! And then the huge returns came

Biggest mistakes – thinking one year is enough time, thinking 20% return is enough, thinking and waiting for a loser once the original parameters have changed

Thinking you are smarter than the market, smart money or super computers  


In trading you should truly and it helps to being able to afford losing everything

It makes waiting that much easier


I lost an account that was held in Schwabb and today I would be asking him the 64K questions.  Why didn’t you wait two months to be up 64K


Persevere the crap the market gives you, let things run when you can and adjust understanding you probably just created more risk. 


DIS Nov 29-19  133/140 Bull Call

 BA Long Jan 20 360/385 Bull Call              

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