Trade Findings and Adjustments 10-22-20

Trade Findings and Adjustments 10-22-20

Keve Bybee –

What direction is the market heading?

As we look at opportunities, ask yourself:

  • Am I wanting to put on a trade because it’s a good idea with our current reality, or am I hoping for something I want to happen?

FB – What is FB jumping up on?

  • SNAP earnings were great, which pushed up all social media stocks
  • Not necessarily a true positive for FB
  • They could have incredible earnings from more add revenue/user engagement.
  • Or could have terrible earnings because small business earnings could be bad, restrictions on election advertising, covid keeping people from their jobs.

F – We decided to be patient and wait until it got up to $8 to protect shares this morning. Great day to get $8 strike puts to protect shares out to Nov 27.


  • Nothing for the short term with so much uncertainty
  • Look at some cheap leaps – after election
  • Good time to protect shares


  • I’d wait to see after election

Naked puts?

  • Not a bad idea to get into a stock that has run up and you’d love to buy shares on a drop
  • Holds a lot of margin in your account to come good on your obligation to buy shares.
  • i.e. the broker will make you hold lots of cash.

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