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Trade Findings and Adjustments 09-16-2021

Trade Findings and Adjustments 09-16-2021

Money management = CBOE, CNBC survey, State of Utah Securities and Exchange Division

What do you think the number one answer was for what people were looking for in choosing a money manager ?

The number answer was “being educated on what there money is doing

So yesterday I was listening to CNBC and thought all the info was pertinent and very interesting

Robinhood and free trading = Does not mean better execution, best pricing, its better for your account

There is no free lunch in the world of investing today

Robinhood is perpetuating the losing investing strategy of day trading

Cypto comments = of the uncertainty that they are a viable securities

Cypto’s are not doing anything to protect the owners of the coins

SPAC’s and the way the creators are ripping of every day investors

IF they don’t find an acquisition in the three years you still pay them, closing costs, startup costs and are the last to be paid out

Disclosures are inaccurate = the returns are pie in the sky without data to support them, the big VC, Initial Invesotrs and Founder get pai their money first as a loan and interest before you get paid the gain

So we are protected on just about everything right now

@ HI we are still looking to take profits by the end of the year = Higher taxes

The administration / democrats would like the rich to fund their idealistic programs to help the poor

With the fear of rising taxes this is the year to take profits and hold more cash going into 2023

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