Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-25-2020

Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-25-2020

How high is the highest you’ve ever jumped into water = Cliff diving

This process of risk assessment is just the same as trading

First you see if you are going to make and cool !!!!

You do the due diligence necessary = depth check

You go for and have some filming = placing the trade and monitoring it

You then post it on You Tube and have a million like = you make money and someday make a million


Was it luck or skill? 

Red Flags

Is the process repeatable under any market condition?

Do you understand not ever trade can be adjusted for a profit ?

Is it really smart to place a new trade every week?

Are there times when no trade is appropriate ?


Every trade can be adjusted

Every position can be profitable

You can make money in X amount of time


Because there are times that you will feel injured, angry, hurt and dead in trading !!!!!


Our trading environment is not stable for another two month until November 4th


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What are your thoughts on this BABA Bull Call?  Nov 2020, Buy $270 call for $27.40, sell $290 call for $17.40, Debit $10.00.


Everything about this trade makes sense = risk to reward, set up,

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