Trade Findings and Adjustments 06-30-22

Still have the problem of inflation and rate hikes plaguing the market sentiment, but the market can still have bounces here and there.

Booked profit on put protection from the drop a couple weeks ago. Now adding protection to all shares in anticipation of the rate hike likely coming in hot in July.

How much can the market go down?

  • First short term level S&P can get down to $3,586
  • Next would be $3,200
  • $3,000 (big round number)
  • $2,800 support level in 2020
  • $2,200-$2,300

When to add puts?

  • Future events:
    • 1) Earnings reports a couple weeks before
    • 2) Economic reports: July fed rate hike, Inflation report
  • Surprise News announcements
  • Fundamentals change
  • Technicals: looking for support and resistance levels

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