Trade Findings and Adjustments 05-21-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 05-21-2019

BIDU- September bull call trade. 180 strike Long calls and 200 strike short calls.

Add long calls total and subtract from shorts

Long calls: 1689.03 + 721.03 = $2410.06

 Short calls: 648.95 + 220.96 = $869.91

= 1540.15 + 65.07(from buying back shorts) = $1475.08 of cost basis

Bought 16 more Sep. $180 Long Calls at .34 per share. For 16 more contracts to triple down on long calls = $544

1475.08 + 544 = 2019.08 total cost basis and divide by all 20 contracts or per share of 2000 = 1.009 per share cost basis

It’s pretty cool to take our cost basis from 8 dollars per share down to 1!!!!

FCX – Smart client added 200 more shares to his position by Collar Trading and investing the Warren Buffett way.

That’s 200 more shares with dividends to pay you!

That’s 200 more shares to lower our cost basis significantly while everyone has to wait for FCX to get back up to $14!!!                     

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