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Trade Findings and Adjustments 05-11-2021

Trade Findings and Adjustments 05-11-2021

Just some thoughts and Ideas for today:

1.     Everyday I look at groups of portfolios and individuals portfolios

2.     When I look at individual portfolios I see if they are within half a percent of the S&P 500

3.       I do not add protection to leap long call positions usually because it is too darn expensive

4.       Market Analysis changes daily

Let’s speculate the reason why the market has NO CLUE what to do?

New presidency, higher taxes, higher interest rates, destruction of some industries for the new green bill, Inflation, more stimulus that we probably don’t need yet, potential Oil disruptions and future wars, huge lack of public trust and confidence in the government, Covid recovery, global covid recovery, education lost in the past year and a half,

IT is very difficult to invest in the stock market, its even harder to see where the market may go when you limit yourself to a single day, week, month or quarter

The stock market is not an ATM machine

The stock market return are and have never been linear

Averages are not your friends

Protecting to the downside is the key to beating the market

There has NEVER been a  financial plan that has EVER worked because they give you linear plan on variable results

A 60/40 Asset Allocation model rarely beats the S&P 500

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