Trade Findings & Adjustments 08-10-2023

Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-10-2023


Let’s talk DIS and what to do after earnings when you have “put protection on”

What you are up against !!!

Institutional Traders, Volatility, Program/Algorithm Trading


How do we get back some or all of what we paid for protection?

86 strike long puts that cost $3.15

DIS info

50 SMA sits at $88.87

200 SMA sits at $95.76

Our technical charting shows an $8 most likely move higher


What is our adjustment for the long puts ?

My thoughts are at the end of the day, to allow DIS to prove their earnings

I want to create a bull put strategy = Long put $86 Short 88 or 89

Short put = is the obligation to buy the stock at a certain price for a certain period of time.  Credit

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