Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-08-2019

Trade Findings and Adjustments 08-08-2019

Thoughts on the market:    Volatile, trade wars with China, Better than expected earnings, with lowered guidance even with lowered analysis’s expectations, up recently with out much conviction and any event/text.tweet can become the next trigger for market movement

MY DIS trade never filled and I got filled on Leap Long Calls on V @ 9.35

I want to follow the earnings and CVS is my breakout stock today

Earnings $1.89 vs est $1.69  Revenues 64.43B vs est 62.66B

Recently Acquired Aetna and basically has been market range bond for the what if’s that may occur 18 months from now after the election

MRO is also a post earnings play

$0.23 vs est $0.17 and 1.43B revenue vs est 1.42B and 190-200K barrels per day output right now

Fair or fully valued around $19 but the market has MRO also at a depressed price right now                     

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