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Trade Findings or Adjustments 02-12-2019

Trade Findings or Adjustments 02-12-2019

DIS – Common sense of trading an advisory

DON’T just place the trade, follow that days trend, new events and be ready to NOT place a trade if you can’t get the credit/net debit / set up that the trade requires. 

IS DIS a better trade today than last week

Possibility for a 3 day trade at 108/110 bull put to exit in one day with half your credit of $0.77


You could enter a BTO $22.21 looking to exit at 24.20 for a net profit of = $1.99 profit or 8.95%

I don’t have 22K to spend so work on a Bull Call

Mar-22-19 Bull call  22.50/24.50

BTO 22.50 LC for $1.17 – Short Call strike 24.50 credit 0.25 = $0.92 net debit = risk

Max reward diff in strikes=$2 – 0.92 = $1.08

You could do an April 22.50/25 for Net Debit of $0.93

You get and extra 5 weeks for the stock to move and an extra $0.50 of profit

Mine is an adjustment to Long puts against stock ownership

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